Everybody knows there is a mental side to the game, but nobody trains for it, until now.

You hear many coaches say that sports performance is 90% mental and 10% physical. And we all inherently know this is true. 

But why do so many athletes, trainers and coaches focus 100% of their efforts on improving the physical aspects of performance and not the mental aspects of the game? 

It’s because they don’t have training processes in place. They don’t have a cognitive playbook to follow. Frankly, they don’t know what to do, so they do what they’ve always done.

We even recognized this in our training programs and asked ourselves, “how can we incorporate cognitive training into our athletic training?”

After years of trying, failing, reinventing, and perfecting our program, we developed Nero-Beast. This unique program uses reaction lights, medical-grade EEG, visual scanning, stress exposure drills, and virtual augmentation to help athletes enhance their ability to perceive and process information quickly. 

After completing the program, you will develop the skills to respond faster, recognize patterns in the game, improve your game time memory, and perform at an elite level.

Learn more about our Nero-Beast Cognitive Training program.