Richard Latta is one of our most recent success stories! He gives 100% in every workout and his new found energy positively affects everyone around him.  Here is what he has to say about his success at Beast Athletics:

When I came to beast athletics I was looking for a change. A change in my body which turned out to be a change in my way of life. Although I wouldn’t project it my self-esteem was very low. Every person I would meet that I hadn’t seen a couple years would barely recognize me and My face was starting to fill out. Shopping for clothes was tougher and I couldn’t play basketball without getting winded very quickly. A few close friends of mine had joined beast in the last year, and I was blown away at their progress and decided I would join. Quickly I found out it was not easy in the beginning as I could barely make it through workouts, sometimes vomiting. I was BEYOND out of shape. Tuck talked about temporary defeat, and motivated me to not let it stop me. I quickly submerged myself into the culture, as just coming everyday was helping, and began meeting different people that were all here for their own various reasons and found additional inspiration in them. My training took a leap when Coach David joined the gym as his positive energy and reinforcement gave me the juice needed to show up everyday and “redline.” Saturday weigh ins became my ritual as I dropped pants sizes and began to regain some of that lost confidence.  Tuck was equal parts friend, motivator, trainer and big brother during all of this. The nutrition was very easy for me to stick to, and has people asking me what I eat to be slim! I felt none of this was possible, but anything truly is to quote Kevin Garnett. I was headed down a road of destruction, via fast food, beer, eating once a day, fried foods and candy. I’ve replaced those things with salad, fish, grilled/baked chicken, celery and more things I wouldn’t have known to try if it were not for the education beast provided. I now know what a burpee is for better or worse, and once I got the hang of it the workouts became easier to push myself through. Thank You to the whole staff at beast for changing my life and helping me get on the road to being shredded!