Started training with Tuck after I saw my son’s results in his training with Tuck. My son plays basketball and not only did he get in terrific shape, but his basketball skills improved too! I was also pleased that Tuck seemed to provide a good role model for my son as well. As for myself, I presented some challenges for Tuck with a health condition affecting my endurance and ability to work out. I was pleasantly surprised one day when during my session, Tuck told me he had done some research on my condition and was altering my workout accordingly. It worked for me and now I can work out with more endurance and my body is beginning to show the results after years of trying to get in shape with not much change. Tuck truly takes his business seriously and is good at what he does. I have rarely done the same exercise twice with him in almost a year as he is very creative and mixes it up to keep it interesting. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer for anyone!