Cognitive training helps athletes PERCEIVE, PROCESS and PERFORM!


Today’s competitive athlete will invest hundreds of hours in the gym and weight room with the goal of enhancing their skill sets and athletic ability. 

The sad truth is that many will go on to perform at sub par levels. Why is this so? 

Performance has more to do with the brain than the body. Recent studies show that the brain’s of elite athletes have the ability to quickly process more visual information than their counterparts. This allows for more time to effectively choose a proper response. 

At NeuroBeast Our primary goal is to enhance the way our athletes PERCEIVE and PROCESS information so that they can PERFORM simple tasks at elite levels.

In this drill, I drop the @eyeonballinc vector ball as the athlete is moving forward while dribbling the ball. Depending on the color of the ball on the bounce, the athlete will perform the assigned move and catch the vector ball in the open hand. 

In this case, red = crossover, green= through the legs, and blue = behind the back. 

To finish the drill the athlete must then attack the cone , toss the ball in the air and perform the assigned dribble move based on the color of the ball on the previous catch.  This drill primarily focuses on reaction time, high speed decision-making, working memory and ball handling. For information on cognitive training sessions DM me or text “Wired to Win” to 7272250048

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