They say time is something you cannot get back, but what if I told you that by following these simple tips you could add years back to your life would you do it?

We all understand that life comes with sacrifices. Sacrifice of time, money, and most damaging sacrifice of health. 

We are so quick to give of ourselves to the workplace, family, friends, and the community but quick to help/give to ourselves.   I am here to tell you that if we do not start focusing inwardly we will surely burn out. We are here to tell you that today is your day, no more putting it off until tomorrow, because with Beast Athletics Program you will obtain the Education, Re-Engineering of the mind, and Empowerment to achieve what you have been putting off for many years and that is the healthy/body of your dreams. 

We have everything you need ready for you, so all you have to do is bring the motivation to embrace the change to focus on you so that you can obtain more time to give to others. 

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Kick it into high gear by applying this one thing and reap many years of fitness results.

One may think spending hours on end in the gym is the key to a successful transformation. I’m here to tell you that thinking is false. Others may think eating salads and substituting meals for “healthy shakes” is the secret to a flat stomach and toned body, but we are mistaken once again. Society may say, just freezing or cutting it off will provide you a quick fix to happiness, but still, one will find themselves in the same mindstate as before. 

Studies have proven countless times that accountability is the only technique that keeps you locked on to your goals. The results speak for themselves here at Beast Athletics.

Through our Couples Training Program, you will acquire education, re-engineering of the mind, and empowerment to carry out the transformation you and your partner deserve. 

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It’s your turn to get healthy, get happy, and get fit by unlocking the hack to a successful fitness lifestyle.

Putting in the work but not seeing results? Overwhelmed by not knowing what to do in the gym to get to your goals? Frustrated with gimmicks and promises that never pane out? 

Try out our couples hack. We accidentally stumbled upon this remarkable phenomenon a few years ago when a couple of couples joined our gym. We created custom couples-based training programs, and the next thing we knew, these duos were outperforming everyone.

At first, we couldn’t figure it out. We generally followed our proprietary process. Then we realized it wasn’t us doing something different. Our couples were doing something different. 

When they left the gym, they continued to hold each other accountable. 

So, that’s the simple hack, make a workout plan with your significant other.

Need help? Contact us for a consultation, and together, we will make a plan that sticks.

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Cognitive training helps athletes PERCEIVE, PROCESS and PERFORM!


Today’s competitive athlete will invest hundreds of hours in the gym and weight room with the goal of enhancing their skill sets and athletic ability. 

The sad truth is that many will go on to perform at sub par levels. Why is this so? 

Performance has more to do with the brain than the body. Recent studies show that the brain’s of elite athletes have the ability to quickly process more visual information than their counterparts. This allows for more time to effectively choose a proper response. 

At NeuroBeast Our primary goal is to enhance the way our athletes PERCEIVE and PROCESS information so that they can PERFORM simple tasks at elite levels.

In this drill, I drop the @eyeonballinc vector ball as the athlete is moving forward while dribbling the ball. Depending on the color of the ball on the bounce, the athlete will perform the assigned move and catch the vector ball in the open hand. 

In this case, red = crossover, green= through the legs, and blue = behind the back. 

To finish the drill the athlete must then attack the cone , toss the ball in the air and perform the assigned dribble move based on the color of the ball on the previous catch.  This drill primarily focuses on reaction time, high speed decision-making, working memory and ball handling. For information on cognitive training sessions DM me or text “Wired to Win” to 7272250048

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Action precedes motivations so get up and get moving, 90-day body transformation program

Eating 6 meals a day, going to the gym 7 days a week, but seeing no results… Beast Compound Effect is here to get you into the body you deserve in the quarter of the time.  

We will introduce you to two things: Dedication and Consistency

Why? Because… 

Dedication + Consistency = Results

Through our proven best practices we have shredded hundreds of unwanted pounds, contoured bodies to be at their peak, and added years back to many lives. 

As we Educate, Engineer, and Empower you through targeted exercise regimen, nutrition practices, and incorporating that Beast Thinking winning mindset you will be the next success story.  

Motivated people only!

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Couples fitness training is a combination of science-based training, partner inspired drills, and three-part accountability practices. 

Are you sick of putting in the work but seeing no results? Tired of eating salads and still not dropping weight? Depleted of motivation and ready to give up?

Try couples training.

According to a Prevention Magazine study, 94% of couples stuck to their fitness routine and reached their goals when they worked out together.

At Beast Athletics, we’ve seen similar results.

Through science-based training, partner inspired drills, and three-part accountability practices, we have empowered our couples, resulting in life-changing moments.  

If you or your partner are feeling like the definition of insanity (doing the same thing and expecting different results). Let us re-educate, re-engineer, and empower you to greatness! 

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Customized Couples Training Programs | Couples that Train Together, Transform Together

Have you ever tried sitting on a two legged stool? It’s possible, just not sturdy enough. 

That’s what training is like, when you go at it alone. It’s possible, but not sturdy.


It’s really difficult to hold yourself accountable. It can even be hard for a trainer to hold an individual accountable. But, when you couple a trainer and your partner together into a customized training program the results are astounding. 

At Beast Athletics, we specialize in couples training to ensure you follow a customized nutrition plan, a specific workout schedule, and teach you how to hold each other accountable.

Educate, Engineer, and Empower… Contact us to learn more.

Couples fitness training improves workout efficiency, increases attractiveness, achieves goals, increases an emotional bond, and increases happiness. Most importantly, couples fitness training has built in accountability.

According to psychology today, couples who sweat together, stay together.


Why? Because working out together:


  1. Improves the efficiency of your workouts.


The presence of your partners has a physiological effect on your workout and improves your effort and speed.


  2. Increase your happiness with your relationship.


Exercise is a perfect example of the type of invigorating activity that can have positive effects and increase physiological arousal, through a novelty or challenging activity. Long story short, the gym drives romantic attraction.


  3. Help you achieve your fitness goals.


When partners care about fitness—their own and their partner’s—it becomes easier to achieve fitness goals. A recent study of heterosexual couples showed that average-weight husbands who care about fitness engage in more physical activity when their wives offer more supportive health-related comments (Skoyen, Blank, Corkery, & Butler, 2013).


  4. Makes your partner fall in love with you.


Exercise induces the symptoms of physiological arousal—sweaty hands, a racing pulse, shortness of breath. These symptoms mirror, in many ways, the thrill of romantic attraction.

  5. Increase your emotional bond.


When you work out together, you create a context in which you can coordinate your actions. For example, you might lift weights in rhythm with your partner, match your own walking or running pace with his or hers, or toss medicine balls back and forth. Such behavior creates nonverbal matching, or mimicry, which benefits you both (Stel & Vonk, 2010)


So, stop waiting and join our 21-day Couples Fitness Training. After all, we’re only asking for a 21-day commitment ;-). 


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Break the cycle of low energy, poor diet, and laziness with our 90-day personal fitness training program, 90-day Jump-start Program.


It’s a vicious cycle. When you don’t work out, you have less energy and you have less motivation.  

Let’s break the cycle together. Our 90-day jump-start program is specifically designed to build good habits by educating, engineering, and empowering you to take control of your body and mind. Beast Athletics has drastically different results than other training programs because we train you to become an athlete. And when you think about accountability, diet, and exercise like an athlete, everything else falls into place.

Contact us to learn more about our 90-day jump-start program. You are months away from the body you deserve.


Get out of “Survival Mode” and back into “Beast Mode”. 

Many of our lives were disrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic. Our schedules were thwarted, our routines were destroyed, and for many… our Fitness Goals were Annihilated! We made excuses.

While there are still a lot of questions about lifting gym restrictions, there is no excuse for not taking care of your physical well-being. Now is the time to get your fitness goals back on track! And Beast Athletics is here to help with our 21-day Jump-start Program.

The 21-day Jump-start Program will help you regain your physical and mental fortitude.

Get out of “Survival Mode” and back into “Beast Mode”. 



Almost 90 days ago I walked Into beast athletics for the first time in 5 years. I had this goal in my head to get abs by Christmas… What I didn’t realize is that i would accomplish that and so much more!!! My journey with my weight loss has been quite the roller coaster. My struggle with my weight sprung from numerous knee injuries that i incurred playing Soccer at USF. Five surgeries later, i found myself 40lbs overweight and depressed. I started drinking and partying almost everyday to mask a void of being unhappy, ate fast food 4-5 times a week because It was “easier”, and used my knee injuries as an excuse to not workout. I finally came to terms with my situation and found the motivation to get my body back! I managed to lose 25lbs on my own but hit a plateau. I came to Beast Athletics on October 1st and I knew immediately that I made the right decision. I lost another 15lbs and met new goals that I never thought would be possible. It is hard to properly express how amazing my experience has been here. Beast Athletics has become my morning coffee, my accountability, my second family and home.

Meet our latest success story, Victoria. Here’s what she has to say about Beast Athletics:

If you want results…you want Beast Athletics. I have been through it all when it comes to my weight loss journey! I have tried to lose weight on my own but gave up pretty quickly. I didn’t have the proper motivation or support that Beast Athletics has provided me with. The positive atmosphere and family-like environment is something that I’ve never experienced before! Working out is now fun for me and I have a new outlook on living a healthy lifestyle! I have been with Beast since June 2013 and I have lost 63 pounds! When it comes down to getting results, Beast Athletics is dedicated to helping you achieve the body of your dreams in a healthy, smart, and efficient way!

Richard Latta is one of our most recent success stories! He gives 100% in every workout and his new found energy positively affects everyone around him.  Here is what he has to say about his success at Beast Athletics:

When I came to beast athletics I was looking for a change. A change in my body which turned out to be a change in my way of life. Although I wouldn’t project it my self-esteem was very low. Every person I would meet that I hadn’t seen a couple years would barely recognize me and My face was starting to fill out. Shopping for clothes was tougher and I couldn’t play basketball without getting winded very quickly. A few close friends of mine had joined beast in the last year, and I was blown away at their progress and decided I would join. Quickly I found out it was not easy in the beginning as I could barely make it through workouts, sometimes vomiting. I was BEYOND out of shape. Tuck talked about temporary defeat, and motivated me to not let it stop me. I quickly submerged myself into the culture, as just coming everyday was helping, and began meeting different people that were all here for their own various reasons and found additional inspiration in them. My training took a leap when Coach David joined the gym as his positive energy and reinforcement gave me the juice needed to show up everyday and “redline.” Saturday weigh ins became my ritual as I dropped pants sizes and began to regain some of that lost confidence.  Tuck was equal parts friend, motivator, trainer and big brother during all of this. The nutrition was very easy for me to stick to, and has people asking me what I eat to be slim! I felt none of this was possible, but anything truly is to quote Kevin Garnett. I was headed down a road of destruction, via fast food, beer, eating once a day, fried foods and candy. I’ve replaced those things with salad, fish, grilled/baked chicken, celery and more things I wouldn’t have known to try if it were not for the education beast provided. I now know what a burpee is for better or worse, and once I got the hang of it the workouts became easier to push myself through. Thank You to the whole staff at beast for changing my life and helping me get on the road to being shredded!

Kyle Boyle has quickly become one of our strongest members!  He comes in the gym everyday excited to get better and it has shown.  Here’s what Kyle has to say about Beast Athletics:

I am so happy I joined Beast Athletics back in November of 2012. I used to work out pretty frequently, but when I stopped for a while, it didn’t take long to gain a lot of weight and get out of shape. I decided to attend the grand opening party last year with my wife, and really enjoyed the people that worked out there and the overall environment of the gym. Everyone was like family and it seemed like something I would like to be a part of. Since that week, I have never dreaded working out; in fact I enjoy going to the gym 4-5 days a week. I am not only back to the weight I was when I used to work out (my goal weight), but I am physically in the best shape of my life. The coaches are so knowledgeable and have taught me so much; I continue to learn new things every time I am there. There is no other family I would rather be a part of.


Awesome Update!!

Kyle Sadler is down 25 pounds with Beast Athletics and is looking better than ever! He joined Beast Athletics with the goal of losing fat and gaining muscle and he’s accomplished that and more! He’s adapted to the Beast lifestyle and looks forward to coming into the gym everyday and giving it his all! Kyle started in our Beast Revolution class and has transitioned seamlessly into our advanced Beast Rx class where he continues to excel. He brings such an awesome energy to the gym and we are excited to see where he goes from here!

3 months ago Ceo Chipper Alex Miller told me that he would be one of my best transformations to date!! His journey started out by throwing up just 10mins into his first session. He didn’t let that stop him. In fact, it made him want it more! He made a vow to follow our nutrition standards and to give 100% every session. He never made excuses for him self and is a testament that hard work pays off!! He has been a inspiration to me and his fellow BEAST TEAMMATES. Proud of you my dude and welcome to the FIT LIFE!! Certified BEAST!!!!!!

Amy Schwartz is down 33 pounds and counting!!! She has definitely put in serious werk!! Check out what she has to say about the Beast Revolution 90 Day Body Transformation Program!!!!

After I gained 40+ pounds being pregnant with my son, I began an uphill battle of trying to lose weight . I had a little too much fun being pregnant and i found myself absolutely hating the way i felt and looked! One of my friends was training at a facility called Beast Athletics and she was getting awesome results! I decided to set up a consultation with Tuck Taylor and the rest is history! Within weeks i was seeing noticeable results and people were starting to make comments about my transforming body.The workouts were very challenging but FUN!! I am so glad I took that first step and contacted Tuck. Beast Athletics definitely has a unique but extremely effective approach to weight loss and is worth every penny!!

After making the decision to become a United States Marine I decided I needed to get into the best physical shape possible before I shipped out for Bootcamp. My brother-in-law had told me about BEAST ATHLETICS and how awesome some of his friends were doing there. So, I called up Tuck and made a consultation to check it out at the start of September. Best decision I ever made to help prepare me for my future. Everyday we do a different style workout. It’s always something new! I’ve attended a few “Marine weekend Bootcamp” events and everything we have done at them is something I’ve already practiced at  Beast Athletics . The great thing about this gym is the members. When I miss a day, someone is checking on me to make sure I’m okay. Everyone is always encouraging and helping me to strive for my dream.  Tuck is always pushing me to accomplish my next goal. It’s a family and I love it. I’ve been a member of plenty of different gyms, but none of them have ever motivated me the way Beast Athletics does. It has made me a stronger person.  I couldn’t have made a better choice in gyms to get me ready for the longest, hardest 3 months of physical training I’ll endure at Marine Bootcamp.

Check out Regan Harvey’s awesome transformation!! She trains hard it shows! Here is what she has to say about her transformation journey!!

After about a year and a half of not working out and being married my weight was spinning out of control and it was time to do something about it. After shopping around a bit I joined a local Boot Camp. The workouts were fun and the instructor was cool but i wasn’t seeing any results. A friend told me about a new Performance Enhancement and Weight Loss facility in Clearwater called BEAST ATHLETICS. She said the trainers were awesome and the programs had a great reputation for getting good results. Now skeptical about the idea of “exercise” and “group training”, I reluctantly joined their Beast Revolution 90 day Body Transformation program. After a couple of weeks of training, I immediately started seeing measurable results!! The scale was down and my clothes started get loose. 90 days later, I’m almost down 30lbs and 12 + inches. People that haven’t seen me in a while are shocked at my results and immediately ask me what Ive been doing. I feel awesome and have a new found appreciation for exercise and nutrition!! Beast Athletics provides is members with an awesome atmosphere to train and programs that yield results!! I’m proud of my progress and cant wait to see where i go from here!!

Very proud of Kim Cooper Thomas! She lost 30lbs on the Beast Revolution 90 Day Challenge and is in the best shape of her life!! Here is what she has to say about Beast Athletics……

I started working out at Beast Athletics twice a week because my previous gym stopped offering fitness classes . I was kinda skeptical at first, but after a month I realized Tuck’s mission at Beast Athletics was more than providing a place to workout, but rather an atmosphere and opportunity to help people transform their lives. I decided to take his ninety day challenge just to see how much weight I could lose in ninety days. At the end of the challenge I had lost 30 POUNDS and a total of 25.2 INCHES! I am a married woman over forty with two teenage children and I’m in better shape now than I have at any point in my adult life. Recently people have said I look younger, fit, and lean. I do not believe in luck or accidents. I believe that God placed Tuck and the Beast Athletics family in my life at a time when I needed to focus on becoming healthier physically, emotionally, and mentally. The decision to take Tuck’s ninety day challenge was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made to improve the quality of my health and my life for myself and my family.

My weight had been an issue for sometime. Last year I committed myself to getting healthy and losing weight. I was headed on a good path and dropped 15lbs but couldn’t stick with a solid program. I gained the 15lbs back and then some. I was fed up with myself and hated to see myself in the mirror. I started Insanity and was able to lose some weight but I got tired of working out in the confines of my own living room and needed more motivation to get me to the level I wanted to be at. So I decided to join Beast Revolution! I began my weight loss journey at 174lbs and now I’m down all the way to 134lbs!! I’m wearing a size 6 now; a size I never thought I’d get back to again. I have a renewed sense of self confidence and I feel better than ever! Tuck and my TEAMBEAST family pushed me to give 110% in every session. I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt in my life and have more energy to keep up with my kids!

In 2011 I started my weight loss journey by joining a Zumba class in my neighborhood. By just being more active and making better food choices, I   was able to drop 25 lbs on my own. Then came the dreaded plateau!! With my weight at a standstill I decided to join the Beast Revolution Total Body Transformation Program. In Just 90 days she not only did I get past that plateau, but was on the right track of achieving the body of  my dreams!! In just 90days I reduced my body fat by 10%, dropped 30lbs and lost 8 inches from my waistline! Not only did i lose the weight but I got  into the shape of her life!! I’m able to flip a 250lb tire multiple times, run 2 miles without stopping and most importantly I feel GREAT!!

Before Tuck I had been working out for about three years and although I lost some weight and gained some strength, I didn’t really looked like I wanted to or that I even went to the gym. I finally came to the conclusion that something needed to changed so I decided to talk to Tuck. I sat down with him for a consultation and he told me about his Beast Transformation Program. I liked what I heard and committed to changing my life. I’ve been training with Tuck for about three months now and not only have I lost 30+ pounds, I’ve gained a lot of strength. I’m very grateful for Tuck teaching me about how to have healthier lifestyle and keeping me motivated to do so.

Clearwater Personal TrainerAfter hearing great things about the BEAST TRANSFORMATIONS PROGRAM me and my girl friend decided we’d give it a try. 3 months passed and we are now a fraction of what we used to be!! We lost over 100lbs together and are looking and feeling better than ever!! Tuck is not only a talented and knowledgeable trainer, he is also great at bringing out the best in each of his clients! He had us doing things that I’d never thought we could do which gave us even more motivation. My girl friend Kristel had prior back problems and asthma and Tuck was able to customize the workouts to meet her specific needs! We are now living healthier lives and enjoying our NEW BODIES!!

All my life, I struggled with my weight. I have tried several diet and exercise plans over the years. Some worked, others did not, and when it was over, I was back to my old habits. I began Tuck’s Beast Transformation program with the purpose of losing weight quickly and he did not disappoint! With his innovative training sessions, I lost 20 pounds within a month and a half! But Tuck has not only helped me lose the weight, he also motivated me to live a healthier lifestyle. I feel better and stronger than ever! Working with Tuck and the Beast Transformations program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!


Professional Basketball Player

Out of all the trainers I’ve had during my career, Tuck has helped me out the most. Other trainers I’ve had just threw together workouts that were unorganized and didn’t necessarily meet my physical needs. Tuck did an analysis of the way my body moved and conducted an assessment. From there he created a program tailored to my specific needs. Not only did I go into training camp in the best shape of my life, but I played better than I had in a while!!

Collegiate Tennis player Ohio State

Tuck has a true passion for helping others and it shows in his dedication to his clients. Tuck helped get my body ready for college tennis and I went in feeling like a BEAST!!!Clearwater Personal Trainer

I needed to lose weight and lose weight fast. I tried P90x and a couple of other programs but they just weren’t working. So I contacted Tuck, because I heard good things about his company. In our consultation he told me about his Beast Athletics Transformation program. He said I would lose 15-25 lbs in just 1 month. Well he was not lying! I LOST 20 lbs in just 4 WEEKS on the program!. I’m starting to see muscles on my body that I did not know I had and I’m in the best shape of my life! Tuck is a TRUE FITNESS PROFESSIONAL. He pushes you to your highest potential in every workout! I would suggest Tuck and his Beast Athletics program to anyone. If RESULTS is what you want, then Tuck is the trainer for you!

I first starting training with Tuck in the beginning of 2007. I was going through a rough patch and just joined a gym after being lazy the previous couple of years. I’m an athlete, and have been pretty much my entire life, but once the organized sports stopped and I ignored nutrition labels, my unhealthy habits finally caught up to me. I was lucky to meet Tuck when I did, because he has, to this day, been the best trainer I have had the last couple of years. I was blessed because he incorporated cardio with basketball drills into my workouts so not only was I sweating, but it was increasing my skill level simultaneously. I lost a total of 40 lbs of the course of 6 months training with Tuck. He never once gave up on me and pushed me to limits I didn’t know existed within myself. I will forever thank him for helping create the will power I now know is in me and will continue to use the rest of my healthy and fit life.

Tuck has a true passion for training and is enthusiastic about empowering people to make a change. Tuck challenges you to mentally and physically push past your pre-existing boundaries and shows you that what was thought to be impossible is possible. In my first month training with Tuck I lost 6 inches! And in a month and a half have gone from a size 11 to 8. The truth of training with Tuck is clearly in those numbers! He is an extremely dynamic trainer and keeps my workouts challenging yet fun. Tuck preaches that to obtain your fitness goal, one not only has to be strong in body but more importantly strong in mind! Out of all the trainers I have met with (5 total) Tuck has yielded the best results and in the fastest time. I’m a dedicated BEAST and I love it!

Tuck is the best trainer I have ever had and Beast Boot Camp is the best workout I’ve EVER had!! I came to Tuck with the goals of toning up and dropping some pounds for the beach season. Within the first couple of weeks of training I started seeing NOTICEABLE results!! The workouts are challenging but Tuck conducts them in a manner that makes them FUN! Women of all ages participate in the classes and we all work together to achieve a healthier mind and body. Tuck’s upbeat and energetic attitude creates a POSITIVE environment in which EVERYONE can thrive! I really appreciate his help and training with him is one of the best investments I’ve made. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for results that LAST!

G Lee University

Tuck’s training method is insane!!! His knowledge of sports and movement allow the workouts to be very effective while staying sport specific. Not only did I get faster and stronger while training with him but I also became an overall better athlete. Tuck’s knowledge and creative approach to training makes the workouts tough but Fun!!!

Bluntly, if you want results…you want Tuck. It is so true. I have been through it all when it comes to my weight loss strife! I have tried ALL the diets out there: Weight Watcher’s, Jenny Craig, Doctor mediated and controlled diets, Hoodia, Chitosan, South Beach, everything! Every single one of them put me in an unrealistic situation to lose weight and resulted in gaining the 55lbs (that I so desperately needed to lose) back! Tuck has given weight loss a whole new meaning for me! I have been with him since November 2007 and I have lost 18 inches all around my body and 15lbs and it is only February 2008! Through his interesting and exciting training techniques and outstanding knowledge of anatomy and physiology, Tuck has made me a very happy client! I am still with him and plan on being with him for another few months, but when it comes down to getting results, Tuck is going to do anything he can to get you the dream body you desire, in a healthy, smart, and efficient way!

Since I have been training with Tuck, I’ve become stronger and leaner. The techniques he uses are smarter and more effective than exercises I’ve done in the past. Tuck is sure that I make every rep count and pushes me to push myself. He keeps my workouts creative and fun while tailoring them to my goals and abilities. I would recommend training with Tuck to anyone who is serious about living a healthier lifestyle.

I first started working out with Tuck about a month ago. I was apprehensive at first because I had never worked out with a personal trainer; however, after my first session with him I knew I had made a good decision. I always thought it was boring to go and work out. Since I have been training with Tuck working out is now exciting. From the upper body workouts to the lower body, Tuck always makes the work outs interesting and fun and he never repeats an exercise more than once, so it never gets boring. With his upbeat personality and his “go-getter” attitude he made me realize that I can do this if I put my mind to it. Tuck is the type of trainer who will push you to your limit, because he knows you will like the results in the end. I am very grateful for Tuck, even though it has only been a month, I have already lost ten inches and have all the energy in the world. Because I made the decision to have Tuck as my personal trainer I now know that the goal I have had set in mind for the longest time, will now become a reality and no longer be just a dream!

G/F at the #1 ranked Central Florida Community College

Training with Tuck was an awesome experience. His knowledge of the human body and how it works related to sport is amazing. I saw immediate results while training with him. I felt quicker, faster, and stronger and it showed in my on the court play. Not only is he very knowledgeable but he is a great motivator. He pushed me to new heights and for that I’m forever thankful.

University of South Florida

Tuck is not only a great trainer, he’s a role model. His positive attitude and love for training is contagious. He is awesome at taking your weaknesses and turning them into your strengths. Tuck motivates me during our sessions to make every rep and pushes my body to new levels. After our workout sessions i truly feel like a “Beast”. Training with him makes playing soccer a lot easier. My body doesn’t get as tired and i feel faster than ever!! I’m proud to be a part of Beast Athletics not because it has made me a better athlete, but because it has made me a better person!!

CEO of BellaBum Couture, Model, and Mother of Three

Being the owner of my own company and the mother of three, my time is very limited. I came to Tuck to tone up for photo shoots and to maintain my overall health. In just 30 minute workouts, Tuck transformed my body and elevated my fitness level I ways I never imagined!!! If you are SERIOUS about getting into shape, Beast Athletics is the answer!!!

As a competitive kick boxer I’ve used many trainers through out the bay area. Most of them take you through the same work outs and stick to standard exercises which do not help me excel in my sport. That was not the case when I started with Tuck. His innovative approach not only kept me from feeling like I got a “canned work out” but his speed and agility drills took me to that next level. I was already in decent shape when I started, but Tuck pushed me so I would get into great shape. My quickness improved and I felt better and lighter on my feet than ever before. For a fighter that makes all the difference. I can truly say that Beast Athletics tremendously improved my strength,agility, and conditioning.

Libero – Ohio State University

Beast Athletics is awesome! I have been to 3 personal trainers and Tuck was the best out of them all. He actually focused on the important things and helped me achieve my goals. I needed to improve on my speed and agility and just in a couple weeks i did! I came out with a lot more achievements as well like being a lot more flexible too. He also helps you prevent injury’s unlike most trainers. I am very happy with my results. Thank you to Tuck and Beast Athletics i am going to The Ohio State University in great shape and ready to kick ass!