Bluntly, if you want results…you want Tuck. It is so true. I have been through it all when it comes to my weight loss strife! I have tried ALL the diets out there: Weight Watcher’s, Jenny Craig, Doctor mediated and controlled diets, Hoodia, Chitosan, South Beach, everything! Every single one of them put me in an unrealistic situation to lose weight and resulted in gaining the 55lbs (that I so desperately needed to lose) back! Tuck has given weight loss a whole new meaning for me! I have been with him since November 2007 and I have lost 18 inches all around my body and 15lbs and it is only February 2008! Through his interesting and exciting training techniques and outstanding knowledge of anatomy and physiology, Tuck has made me a very happy client! I am still with him and plan on being with him for another few months, but when it comes down to getting results, Tuck is going to do anything he can to get you the dream body you desire, in a healthy, smart, and efficient way!