After making the decision to become a United States Marine I decided I needed to get into the best physical shape possible before I shipped out for Bootcamp. My brother-in-law had told me about BEAST ATHLETICS and how awesome some of his friends were doing there. So, I called up Tuck and made a consultation to check it out at the start of September. Best decision I ever made to help prepare me for my future. Everyday we do a different style workout. It’s always something new! I’ve attended a few “Marine weekend Bootcamp” events and everything we have done at them is something I’ve already practiced at  Beast Athletics . The great thing about this gym is the members. When I miss a day, someone is checking on me to make sure I’m okay. Everyone is always encouraging and helping me to strive for my dream.  Tuck is always pushing me to accomplish my next goal. It’s a family and I love it. I’ve been a member of plenty of different gyms, but none of them have ever motivated me the way Beast Athletics does. It has made me a stronger person.  I couldn’t have made a better choice in gyms to get me ready for the longest, hardest 3 months of physical training I’ll endure at Marine Bootcamp.