Cognitive training helps athletes PERCEIVE, PROCESS and PERFORM!


Today’s competitive athlete will invest hundreds of hours in the gym and weight room with the goal of enhancing their skill sets and athletic ability. 

The sad truth is that many will go on to perform at sub par levels. Why is this so? 

Performance has more to do with the brain than the body. Recent studies show that the brain’s of elite athletes have the ability to quickly process more visual information than their counterparts. This allows for more time to effectively choose a proper response. 

At NeuroBeast Our primary goal is to enhance the way our athletes PERCEIVE and PROCESS information so that they can PERFORM simple tasks at elite levels.

In this drill, I drop the @eyeonballinc vector ball as the athlete is moving forward while dribbling the ball. Depending on the color of the ball on the bounce, the athlete will perform the assigned move and catch the vector ball in the open hand. 

In this case, red = crossover, green= through the legs, and blue = behind the back. 

To finish the drill the athlete must then attack the cone , toss the ball in the air and perform the assigned dribble move based on the color of the ball on the previous catch.  This drill primarily focuses on reaction time, high speed decision-making, working memory and ball handling. For information on cognitive training sessions DM me or text “Wired to Win” to 7272250048

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Action precedes motivations so get up and get moving, 90-day body transformation program

Eating 6 meals a day, going to the gym 7 days a week, but seeing no results… Beast Compound Effect is here to get you into the body you deserve in the quarter of the time.  

We will introduce you to two things: Dedication and Consistency

Why? Because… 

Dedication + Consistency = Results

Through our proven best practices we have shredded hundreds of unwanted pounds, contoured bodies to be at their peak, and added years back to many lives. 

As we Educate, Engineer, and Empower you through targeted exercise regimen, nutrition practices, and incorporating that Beast Thinking winning mindset you will be the next success story.  

Motivated people only!

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Couples fitness training is a combination of science-based training, partner inspired drills, and three-part accountability practices. 

Are you sick of putting in the work but seeing no results? Tired of eating salads and still not dropping weight? Depleted of motivation and ready to give up?

Try couples training.

According to a Prevention Magazine study, 94% of couples stuck to their fitness routine and reached their goals when they worked out together.

At Beast Athletics, we’ve seen similar results.

Through science-based training, partner inspired drills, and three-part accountability practices, we have empowered our couples, resulting in life-changing moments.  

If you or your partner are feeling like the definition of insanity (doing the same thing and expecting different results). Let us re-educate, re-engineer, and empower you to greatness! 

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Customized Couples Training Programs | Couples that Train Together, Transform Together

Have you ever tried sitting on a two legged stool? It’s possible, just not sturdy enough. 

That’s what training is like, when you go at it alone. It’s possible, but not sturdy.


It’s really difficult to hold yourself accountable. It can even be hard for a trainer to hold an individual accountable. But, when you couple a trainer and your partner together into a customized training program the results are astounding. 

At Beast Athletics, we specialize in couples training to ensure you follow a customized nutrition plan, a specific workout schedule, and teach you how to hold each other accountable.

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Couples fitness training improves workout efficiency, increases attractiveness, achieves goals, increases an emotional bond, and increases happiness. Most importantly, couples fitness training has built in accountability.

According to psychology today, couples who sweat together, stay together.


Why? Because working out together:


  1. Improves the efficiency of your workouts.


The presence of your partners has a physiological effect on your workout and improves your effort and speed.


  2. Increase your happiness with your relationship.


Exercise is a perfect example of the type of invigorating activity that can have positive effects and increase physiological arousal, through a novelty or challenging activity. Long story short, the gym drives romantic attraction.


  3. Help you achieve your fitness goals.


When partners care about fitness—their own and their partner’s—it becomes easier to achieve fitness goals. A recent study of heterosexual couples showed that average-weight husbands who care about fitness engage in more physical activity when their wives offer more supportive health-related comments (Skoyen, Blank, Corkery, & Butler, 2013).


  4. Makes your partner fall in love with you.


Exercise induces the symptoms of physiological arousal—sweaty hands, a racing pulse, shortness of breath. These symptoms mirror, in many ways, the thrill of romantic attraction.

  5. Increase your emotional bond.


When you work out together, you create a context in which you can coordinate your actions. For example, you might lift weights in rhythm with your partner, match your own walking or running pace with his or hers, or toss medicine balls back and forth. Such behavior creates nonverbal matching, or mimicry, which benefits you both (Stel & Vonk, 2010)


So, stop waiting and join our 21-day Couples Fitness Training. After all, we’re only asking for a 21-day commitment ;-). 


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At the end of the day, sports performance is a mental thing. Your senses perceive the game, your brain processes your next move, and your body performs. Train smarter…

You run a 40 in 4.5, your competition runs a 4.6, and they beat you to the ball. You jump a 36”, your competition is 34”, but they out rebound you. You bench 300 lbs, your competition is at 260, and they run over you. 

Pure athletic ability does not dictate performance. 


Sports performance is a mental thing. Your senses perceive the game, your brain processes your next move, and your body performs. If you’ve ignored training your mind and focused only on the body, you’re under performing.

Train smarter…

Our personalized cognitive training programs help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to make the team, get more playing time, or get offered a scholarship, you can become a better you. Get wired to win.

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Break the cycle of low energy, poor diet, and laziness with our 90-day personal fitness training program, 90-day Jump-start Program.


It’s a vicious cycle. When you don’t work out, you have less energy and you have less motivation.  

Let’s break the cycle together. Our 90-day jump-start program is specifically designed to build good habits by educating, engineering, and empowering you to take control of your body and mind. Beast Athletics has drastically different results than other training programs because we train you to become an athlete. And when you think about accountability, diet, and exercise like an athlete, everything else falls into place.

Contact us to learn more about our 90-day jump-start program. You are months away from the body you deserve.


No excuses, no second chances, who do you want to be in 90 days? Weight loss solutions that work.

By entering the 90-day jump-start program, you agree to give 100% of what you have. There are no excuses or second chances. Every day, every moment is an opportunity to excel, to be more, to achieve your best. 

Do not squander your time by going through the motions. Train hard and get results. At the end of the day, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you gave your all. If you don’t have that level of commitment, don’t waste your time or ours.

Summer Transformations at Beast Athletics | 21-day Jump-start Program

The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of a poor macro-nutrient balance that often leads to weight gain and many health challenges. 

 As a result the fitness market has become saturated with different diets, gyms, equipment, workout plans, and supplements. While some fitness plans offer some benefit, the outcomes are short-lived. 

At Beast Athletics we buck the trend with lasting results because lasting results come from lifestyle changes. To make lifestyle changes you have to educate yourself about proper nutrition, engineer a consistent workout, and empower yourself to succeed. Beast Athletics adopts this into everything we do.

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It is our mission to help clients lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle through Education, Engineering, and Empowerment.

Get out of “Survival Mode” and back into “Beast Mode”. 

Many of our lives were disrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic. Our schedules were thwarted, our routines were destroyed, and for many… our Fitness Goals were Annihilated! We made excuses.

While there are still a lot of questions about lifting gym restrictions, there is no excuse for not taking care of your physical well-being. Now is the time to get your fitness goals back on track! And Beast Athletics is here to help with our 21-day Jump-start Program.

The 21-day Jump-start Program will help you regain your physical and mental fortitude.

Get out of “Survival Mode” and back into “Beast Mode”. 



Women getting back into beach body shape | personalized workouts

Lets get you back on track! We are now offering private and semi-private sessions to help you reach your goals while staying safe at the same time.

To ensure safety we’re following all local official guidelines and maintaining social distancing during sessions.

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