Participating in sports can add physical, emotional and psychological stress on a student athlete who, usually, already has a stressful school schedule, a part-time job and a social life. Maintaining the physical body and the emotional mind for these student athletes throughout the year, off-season and in-season, are huge factors for success in not just sports but throughout their lives.

In season training and its importance for high school athletes

Training during season at first seems to be an added stressor on the young individual’s life, but what isn’t understood is the effect of how a low intensity strength program will help to keep their minds stimulated, blood recycled efficiently and greater energy system utilization in the muscles.

Many sports programs follow rigorous off-season workouts only to quit in-season due to worries of skills in sport diminishing. When in fact, the constant pounding of their feet on field, court or pavement can reduce muscle capability and size of muscle fibers during sport activity without strength training involved. When this happens, our ability to dominate drops because the abilities we built during the off-season change mid-season forcing the athlete to adjust. We don’t want to make adjustments mid-season as we should be flowing in perfect harmony. Type 1 muscle fibers are for slow speed conditioning, compared to type 2 muscle fibers that are quick twitch high speed fibers. When conditioning is the highest phase of exercise or in sport then we force our bodies to produce and use more type 1 fibers, however, our sport might not need those type of fibers to be successful.

The effect of an in-season training program can be a great aspect to your team’s success. In-season workouts are focused highly on recovery, mobility and proper muscle activation to prevent injuries. Strength training that resembles the sport will help activate the types of muscle fibers we use in our sport, making us more likely to be successful. I recommend 1-2 workouts on off days of a length about 30-40 mins coupled with pre-game workout and focused meditation to ensure both mind and body are ready to work as one solitary unit.

The effects on an in-season training regimen can be the difference between state playoffs and watching in the stands—I think we all know where we want to be.

Sacrifice today for success tomorrow!