Oldsmar Tournament Quickly Growing Into One Of The Premier In-Season Events In High School Basketball

Beast Athletics Shootout, Florida’s premier high school basketball showcase is now in its 2nd year. After the success of the inaugural shootout, which featured a star-studded lineup including future top-5 NBA draft picks Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid (2013 Shootout MVP) of Kansas; the event is back with another great field in 2014. The two-day event, starting February 21, will feature over 21 future Division 1 athletes on their way to NBA superstardom from four of the top high school programs in the country.

Host school Oldsmar Christian, welcomes three of the Southeast’s most talented schools in Arlington Country Day (Jacksonville, FL), Faith Baptist (Brandon, FL) and Victory Rock Prep (Bradenton, FL).

Among the exciting players in this year’s shootout are 2014 ESPN 100 recruits Brandone Francis (Florida Commit) and Dante Buford (Oklahoma Commit) of Arlington Country Day and Rivals 150 recruit Malik Price Martin (USC Commit) of Faith Baptist.

Other recruits who will be playing on Division 1 campuses next year include Nate Mason (Minnesota Commit) and LaDamion Keys of Arlington Country Day;Jeff Garrett, Troy Holston (South Florida Commit), and Isaiah Manderson (Oregon State Commit) of Oldsmar Christian; and Harold Givens (FIU Commit) of Faith Baptist.

The two-day showcase will include four games and is held at Oldsmar Christian High School, 650 Burbank Road Oldsmar, FL.  The game schedule will be as follows:

Friday, Feb 21st

6:30pm Victory Rock Prep vs. Faith Baptist

8pm Arlington Country Day vs Oldsmar Christian


Saturday, Feb 22nd

2pm Faith Baptist vs Oldsmar Christian

3:30pm Victory Rock Prep vs Arlington Country Day

To buy tickets and find out more information about the 2nd Annual Beast Athletics Shootout, please visit the event website at: www.beastathleticsshootout.com





Some of the best High School Ballers in the Nation will be at this Year’s Beast Athletics Shootout! So excited! We will be releasing tickets Monday morning at 8am on www.beastathleticsshootout.com!
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