After making the decision to become a United States Marine I decided I needed to get into the best physical shape possible before I shipped out for Bootcamp. My brother-in-law had told me about BEAST ATHLETICS and how awesome some of his friends were doing there. So, I called up Tuck and made a consultation to check it out at the start of September. Best decision I ever made to help prepare me for my future. Everyday we do a different style workout. It’s always something new! I’ve attended a few “Marine weekend Bootcamp” events and everything we have done at them is something I’ve already practiced at  Beast Athletics . The great thing about this gym is the members. When I miss a day, someone is checking on me to make sure I’m okay. Everyone is always encouraging and helping me to strive for my dream.  Tuck is always pushing me to accomplish my next goal. It’s a family and I love it. I’ve been a member of plenty of different gyms, but none of them have ever motivated me the way Beast Athletics does. It has made me a stronger person.  I couldn’t have made a better choice in gyms to get me ready for the longest, hardest 3 months of physical training I’ll endure at Marine Bootcamp.

Check out Regan Harvey’s awesome transformation!! She trains hard it shows! Here is what she has to say about her transformation journey!!

After about a year and a half of not working out and being married my weight was spinning out of control and it was time to do something about it. After shopping around a bit I joined a local Boot Camp. The workouts were fun and the instructor was cool but i wasn’t seeing any results. A friend told me about a new Performance Enhancement and Weight Loss facility in Clearwater called BEAST ATHLETICS. She said the trainers were awesome and the programs had a great reputation for getting good results. Now skeptical about the idea of “exercise” and “group training”, I reluctantly joined their Beast Revolution 90 day Body Transformation program. After a couple of weeks of training, I immediately started seeing measurable results!! The scale was down and my clothes started get loose. 90 days later, I’m almost down 30lbs and 12 + inches. People that haven’t seen me in a while are shocked at my results and immediately ask me what Ive been doing. I feel awesome and have a new found appreciation for exercise and nutrition!! Beast Athletics provides is members with an awesome atmosphere to train and programs that yield results!! I’m proud of my progress and cant wait to see where i go from here!!

AWESOME NEWS!! #TEAMBEAST member Michael Rex Stevenson verbally committed to Wake Forest! We are all proud of your accomplishments on the field but we are more proud of the person you have become!! We will be rooting for you and I know you are gonna kill it on the collegiate level!!! HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!!!

Rachel Rogers has hit the -30lbs mark!! Congrats! Rachel is the perfect example of a person that is NEVER too busy to workout. She is a single mother and has two jobs but still finds time in her schedule to come sweat! We are very proud of you and your efforts and wish you continued success on our program!!

Very proud of Kim Cooper Thomas! She lost 30lbs on the Beast Revolution 90 Day Challenge and is in the best shape of her life!! Here is what she has to say about Beast Athletics……

I started working out at Beast Athletics twice a week because my previous gym stopped offering fitness classes . I was kinda skeptical at first, but after a month I realized Tuck’s mission at Beast Athletics was more than providing a place to workout, but rather an atmosphere and opportunity to help people transform their lives. I decided to take his ninety day challenge just to see how much weight I could lose in ninety days. At the end of the challenge I had lost 30 POUNDS and a total of 25.2 INCHES! I am a married woman over forty with two teenage children and I’m in better shape now than I have at any point in my adult life. Recently people have said I look younger, fit, and lean. I do not believe in luck or accidents. I believe that God placed Tuck and the Beast Athletics family in my life at a time when I needed to focus on becoming healthier physically, emotionally, and mentally. The decision to take Tuck’s ninety day challenge was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made to improve the quality of my health and my life for myself and my family.