Huge day for #TEAMBEAST! Beast Athletics Inc just closed on its first gym!! God is Great! Thanks to everyone for their continued love and support!! I would not be anywhere without you guys! Im looking forward to continuing to serve the community and Im excited about what the future holds for the company! Doors will reopen on Monday Oct 8th. Stay tuned to Beast Athletics for the date of our official GRAND OPENING!!! LET THE MOVEMENT BEGIN!!! #TEAMBEAST

My weight had been an issue for sometime. Last year I committed myself to getting healthy and losing weight. I was headed on a good path and dropped 15lbs but couldn’t stick with a solid program. I gained the 15lbs back and then some. I was fed up with myself and hated to see myself in the mirror. I started Insanity and was able to lose some weight but I got tired of working out in the confines of my own living room and needed more motivation to get me to the level I wanted to be at. So I decided to join Beast Revolution! I began my weight loss journey at 174lbs and now I’m down all the way to 134lbs!! I’m wearing a size 6 now; a size I never thought I’d get back to again. I have a renewed sense of self confidence and I feel better than ever! Tuck and my TEAMBEAST family pushed me to give 110% in every session. I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt in my life and have more energy to keep up with my kids!

In 2011 I started my weight loss journey by joining a Zumba class in my neighborhood. By just being more active and making better food choices, I   was able to drop 25 lbs on my own. Then came the dreaded plateau!! With my weight at a standstill I decided to join the Beast Revolution Total Body Transformation Program. In Just 90 days she not only did I get past that plateau, but was on the right track of achieving the body of  my dreams!! In just 90days I reduced my body fat by 10%, dropped 30lbs and lost 8 inches from my waistline! Not only did i lose the weight but I got  into the shape of her life!! I’m able to flip a 250lb tire multiple times, run 2 miles without stopping and most importantly I feel GREAT!!