Losing weight after having my baby was nearly impossible for me on my own, so I sought the help of Beast Athletics with Tuck as my personal trainer.  What a difference it makes to have someone who pushes you to do your best and teaches you about good nutrition and the lifestyle changes that are needed to not only lose weight but to maintain good health. I lost a total of 45 lbs. while working with Tuck and my body is getting back to pre-baby condition.   I couldn’t have done it without Tuck and Beast Athletics!!


There are a lot of personal trainers out there today, but Tuck has to be in the elite category of this profession. He is on point with the nutrition and exercises and knows how to help you reach your goal. He is so enthusiastic about health and fitness that it becomes contagious. He works individually with me to give me challenging yet achievable goals. I am a singer by profession and working with Tuck allowed me to mold my body so that I can showcase it with pride as I perform on stage. I highly recommend Tuck and Beast Athletics if you are serious about getting fit and making some lifestyle changes.


Results!! That’s what I got with Beast Athletics and Tuck as my personal trainer.  As a professional choreographer, fitness is a priority. Tuck is very knowledgeable and passionate about fitness.  He does a great job of tailoring the programs to meet his client’s needs. He offers great encouragement and motivation along the way.  Thanks to Beast Athletics I’ve lost 30 lbs. over the last 2 months and my stamina has increased.

I battled my weight for over 8 years before I heard about Beast Transformations.  During this time I tried every kind of diet you can imagine. Some diets  worked a bit, other didn’t work at all, but in the end I always gained  back what I had lost. My motivation was drained and I accepted the fact  that I was going to be overweight for the rest of my life. I hired Tuck Taylor as my trainer and joined his BEAST TRANSFORMATIONS program. I couldn’t believe it but  in 6 weeks  I lost 25 lbs!! People were constantly telling me how good i looked and that motivated me to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle after i was done with the program!! If weight loss is the problem, BEAST ATHLETICS is the answer!!

Hi!, I am John, a 56 year old physician. I have been training with Tuck for more than 2 years. He has helped me rehab a knee injury that could have required surgery, and a broken forearm. Since I have started working with Tuck, I started running after an 18 year “lay off” and finished the 2009 Breast cancer 5K at a new personal best! I am in the best shape of my life! I have referred patient athletes to Tuck and he has helped them vastly improve their abilities and recover form athletic injury. I wouldn’t claim to be a BEAST yet… but I am working at it! Just get started!

Started training with Tuck after I saw my son’s results in his training with Tuck. My son plays basketball and not only did he get in terrific shape, but his basketball skills improved too! I was also pleased that Tuck seemed to provide a good role model for my son as well. As for myself, I presented some challenges for Tuck with a health condition affecting my endurance and ability to work out. I was pleasantly surprised one day when during my session, Tuck told me he had done some research on my condition and was altering my workout accordingly. It worked for me and now I can work out with more endurance and my body is beginning to show the results after years of trying to get in shape with not much change. Tuck truly takes his business seriously and is good at what he does. I have rarely done the same exercise twice with him in almost a year as he is very creative and mixes it up to keep it interesting. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer for anyone!